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Freya & Co.

Based on the The Sunshine Coast,
Freya and Co. was created with the love of candles and fragrances being the heart of the home.
Walking into a home with a beautiful scent creates such a divine environment and can truly change the mood of any individual.
With this always being on the forefront of my mind I figured instead of constantly buying candles, I would make them myself, and so the love grew.
The name Freya continued to stay on my “Baby Name” list however baby after baby I never won the battle with my husband.
We have 4 beautiful children together and with our family now complete, I created my fifth baby, Freya & Co.
My hope is to have everyone fall in love with her as much as I have and truly allow these beautiful products take over and release nothing but good vibes and most importantly sensational scents
Hand poured with love
Freya & Co. xx